"SunLocker is a good way to increase the profit for beaches and hotels"

"After 3 months and 60% occupancy the investment will be fully paid back"

SunSecure Launches North American Campaign at IH/MRS 2008.

ZL USA’s President Omar Nasserziayee and CEO Phuc Vu discuss their innovative product’s launch at this year’s International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show.

Imagine relaxing pool or beach side at your favorite resort. You have your camera, wallet, phone, and keys with you and are enjoying the pleasant weather, taking in the sun, and sipping on your favorite blended beverage. You decide to get up and go for a walk, or jump in the water for a quick dip, but where should you stow your valuables? Under a towel? Inside a shoe?

SunSecure units solve this conundrum. Their unique product is the first of its kind to address pool/beach side security. A solidly built table with an integrated umbrella base hides one key feature, a lockable safe.

ZL USA’s president Omar Nasserziayee says, “honestly, it just seems like such a no-brainer I can’t believe no one has ever thought of it.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have been in Mexico or Las Vegas and experienced this very issue

Already wildly popular in Europe, SunSecure decided to enter the North American market through a partnership contract with ZL USA, their exclusive North American distributor. “We expect our product (ZLK-20) to be a big hit in the North and Central American market,” CEO Phuc Vu states, “IH/MRS will be a great launching point for us. We view it as an opportunity to not only introduce our product to the hospitality industry, but also to network and make connections with executives and decision makers.”

The units themselves range from fiber glass shells with integrated cup holders (ZLK-10), to luxurious models that incorporate materials, like teak and stainless steel, with modern, clean design (ZLK-20). SunSecure AB and ZL USA seek to remain at the forefront of resort security and plan on continually adding new models and features. “The bottom line here is the idea of allowing people to truly enjoy their vacations while ensuring that their valuables are safe and secure, yet also conveniently close by,” Mr. Nasserziayee says.

“SunSecure takes all the worries of having items out in the open and allows guests to relax, have fun, and enjoy their vacations.”

For more information on SunSecure and ZL USA, view their website at http://www.sunsecure.se, email them at usa@zafelock.com, or visit booth #3574 at the 2008 IH/MRS.


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